5 Reasons Why You Should Choose to Work with a Recruiting Firm


The responsibility of recruiting can be quite a challenge as several parameters need to be factored in to get the best hire for your organization. From finding stellar candidates who can handle several roles and keeping budget in mind to creating a quick, just, and efficient recruitment process that is satisfactory to both the candidate as well as the organization, recruiters have to deal with several challenges.

As a candidate looking for jobs, it can get overwhelming to pick that perfect job that matches your skill set and requirements from a pool of opportunities. It may also be challenging to verify the credibility of certain organizations that seem promising.

An effective recruitment solution to such challenges is to choose recruitment agencies to tend to all your staffing and career needs.

What does a recruiting firm do?

A talent recruitment agency, in short, bridges the gap between employers and employees by compiling a vast database of candidates looking for career opportunities as well as companies looking for suitable candidates. Through a thorough analysis of the job descriptions sent by organizations and the resumes of applicants, recruiters agencies tactically match probable candidates with their ideal employers. Once the employees have passed the selection process, interviews are arranged between the two parties. The role of recruitment agencies is quite crucial in the trajectories of both the employer as well as the employee. Here are some of the advantages of third-party recruitment agencies.

Why should I use a recruiting firm?

The employer perspective:
Opting for a professional recruitment agency has several benefits that could dramatically change your recruitment game and make your hire easy.

  • Unique sourcing and screeningDue to higher expertise in the field of recruitment, which is the crux of a recruiter’s agency, the recruitment process will be more efficient. An international recruitment agency will have the technology, talent, and network to source candidates across the globe and with talents in different niches. They also will be able to match suitable candidates with your requirements from their diverse and vast database, based on parameters like the industry of interest, experience, specializations, salary expectation, and more.
  • Saved time and moneyTime effectiveness and reduced expenditure are one of the main reasons an organization opts for recruiting agencies to cater to their staffing needs. The turnaround time is much faster with a job recruitment agency as they have access to a larger number of candidates readily available with them. These agencies also filter the irrelevant or unsuitable candidates, saving a lot of time for your organization. One of the advantages of recruitment in HRM is that you can approach them only when the need for recruitment arises, rather than have a dedicated in-house team that may not necessarily be required at all times or have the same level of expertise and speed. You can also save on marketing expenses for the job posting.
  • Industry insightsRecruiter agencies have insider information on several aspects of staffing through their network, exposure, and expertise. This includes market trends, salary brackets for various vacancies, in-demand candidates, popular job roles, and more. They can even guide you on the type of interviews and/or tests to conduct and ensure you acquire the right fit for your company. These agencies will also be able to comprehend the skills better and recommend a candidate who will be able to take on the responsibilities of two individual job roles, in turn reducing the cost factor for your organization or business.
  • Quality candidatesA major part of recruitment agency jobs is building an extensive database of candidates through direct applications, networks, and referrals. Even if it is a remote recruitment agency, it will be able to match good quality candidates based on your requirements. As the agency takes care of the screening process through telephonic conversations, resume reviews, and background checks, you will have access to a set of good-quality candidates with a skill set that almost perfectly matches the vacancy in your organization.
    Recruitment agencies also give you access to passive candidates who may not be on the lookout for jobs but are a suitable match to the job role you offer and may also be interested in taking up the opportunity.
  • Additional servicesAlong with the numerous advantages of recruitment agencies enlisted above, you can benefit from the additional perks that they provide. Some staffing agencies take care of the onboarding paperwork and document compilation of candidates. They even negotiate salaries to ensure the organization does not have to compromise. Recruiting agencies help with salary benchmarking by keeping you updated or helping you alter the pay scale for particular roles based on current industry trends and standards. You can also opt for psychometric tests and skill set analyses for insights into your ongoing recruitment as well as for the upcoming hires.
The candidate perspective:

As a candidate approaching a recruitment firm, you gain access to a plethora of opportunities that may just land you your dream job. Here are some of the benefits of opting for recruiting agencies during your job search.

  • Internal informationAs an enterprise that has a well-established relationship with organizations that are hiring, recruitment agencies have access to details like the organization’s interview process, the probability and extent of negotiation on salaries, the scope of growth within the organization, and more. As a candidate applying through an agency, you can get the insider information that will help you ace your interviews tactically and get a better deal on the salary package.
  • Maximized resultsThe most obvious advantage of choosing a recruitment agency during your job search is to get that perfect job that matches all your requirements—salary expectation, experience, opportunities to learn and grow on the job, skill set, job security, and more. Through a recruiting agency, you will have access to jobs that haven’t been posted online on professional portals. The agencies also help eliminate credibility issues with unfamiliar organizations that offer your dream job. Agencies also identify opportunities that you were unsure or unaware of but actually match your caliber and eventually help your career grow more efficiently.
  • Industry insightsMuch like for an organization, a staffing agency has industry insights on the current trends of the recruitment market that a candidate can benefit from, too. From something as basic as trending resume formats to the latest job titles that are actually just an enhanced version of existing job roles, recruiter agencies know it all. They have insights into the current popular industries and positions in high demand. This information comes especially in handy to freshers or employees looking for a change in their career paths. It also helps you plan your future career path, as you can take up the necessary training to prepare for it.
  • Reduced turnaround timeAs recruitment agencies deal with large volumes of candidates with each organization and have frequent communication with the companies, they have better access to the updates on the status of selections. This way, you can get notified faster on whether or not you have been selected by the company, through a recruiting agency and save time on waiting and follow-ups regarding your placement. This also helps you focus on openings and interviews with other organizations.
  • Perks for better placementAs industry experts, recruitment agencies can help you get better jobs through their recruitment processes. Additionally, some staffing agencies offer perks like tips to perform better at an interview, insights into who might be conducting the interview, how to spruce up your resume or LinkedIn profiles based on existing industry trends, and recommend other application strategies that help you stand out to the employer.

    With benefits galore, make your recruitment process efficient and effortless with the help of a recruitment agency. We at HireEazy implement the latest and most effective methodologies and strategies to ensure you find your perfect hire or your dream job!