6 Recruitment Strategies for Successful Hiring in 2022


Since the start of 2022, we are still transitioning into the post-pandemic work culture—fluctuating between working from home and working at the office, choosing flexible hours of work, and managing online meetings. With the varying work policies offered at workplaces, recruitment can be challenging as potential candidates may have expectations that diverge from existing HR terms.

We have come up with a list of six recruitment strategies for 2022 that would make hiring more effective:

Target the right candidates

With recruitment going beyond LinkedIn and other standard hiring platforms, candidates are actively reaching out to recruiters on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. So running ads on professional networking sites is not enough. Start with thorough research on the type of candidates you want to hire for a specific position and identify the platform the candidates are likely to be active on. This can be determined by demographics like age group and experience required for the role.

A good strategy that has proven successful is to hire employees that have been recently laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. As most of these candidates may not necessarily be laid off due to underperformance, hiring them may provide you with the skill set you have been looking for. Additionally, such employees tend to have more trust and loyalty towards the company, which in turn has a positive impact on productivity.

Revamp positions

The pandemic has paved the way for a major change in working styles, and most employees continue to choose to work from home even with the withdrawal of COVID-19 restrictions. In order to acquire new talent, organizations must be open to altering certain job roles from onsite to remote and provide the benefit of either hybrid working or remote working. Simple strategies can be put in place to monitor and coordinate work between employees depending on the nature of work, team size, and other such parameters.

Use an ATS

ATS or an Applicant Tracking System is a Human Resources Software that allows the onboarding process to be automated. An ATS stores a database of applicant resumes that makes it easy for recruiters to identify candidates. With features like match rate, keyword searches, and ranking systems, you can efficiently find suitable talents to fit your job requirements. ATS allows you to approach top talents quickly, reducing competition, and also proves to be a time saving and cost-effective solution.

Display your company culture on social media

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have a user base of over 2 million people across the globe. Exhibit your company culture and achievements on these platforms. Showcase the talents within your company and share snippets of fun activities held in the organization. These simple posts give candidates reasons to be a part of your team, beyond a good salary and career-enhancing opportunities. It also makes your organization relatable and brings in good networking opportunities. Social media also makes for a good medium for instant communication that factors in credibility for candidates.

Go digital

Human resources and recruitment have embraced technology for better results and success rates. With several tools, AI, and software in the market, you have options galore to recruit the right talents. Artificial intelligence-based tools like Fetcher, Humanly, and XOR help you optimize the screening process and reduce the time spent on the selection and elimination of resumes. Recruitment chatbots and HR-based virtual assistants come in handy with the engagement of candidates. Many companies like Ideal, Intel, and Espressive, have launched recruitment chatbots that allow customized chats that ensure better results in identifying prospective candidates. Automated psychometric tests on your website can also help in filtering out talents through detailed questionnaires that analyze the true potential of applicants as opposed to what has been mentioned on the resumes.

Take candidate feedback

While taking feedback from a candidate who was not hired may seem like an unnecessary measure, the process gives an insight into several aspects of your recruitment process. It allows room for improvement and creativity in your hiring style, while also throwing light on the inadequacies of the system. Candidate feedback is a clever strategy to enable the rediscovery of talents, too.

These recruitment strategies for 2022 are data-driven and mostly based on technology to ensure accurate decision-making for the betterment of organizations. They ensure a convenient and constructive HR process through a simple, time-saving, and resourceful approach.