5 AI Tools to Revolutionize Your HR Game


It’s the Age of AI and Human Resources is one of the areas that has quickly and effectively adapted the use of AI in its niche. Organizations are embracing the technologically advanced yet user-friendly tools that make their work quick, error-proof, and more organized. With additional time on hands, HR Professionals can now focus on innovations, better employee relationships, skill enhancement, CSR, and so many other factors that will help an organization scale up.

Before we dive into the AI Tools that will revolutionize your work style, let us look at how these tech solutions will make work effective.

Why are HR Tools Important?
  • Efficient Recruitment Process: Analyze thousands of resumes in a matter of seconds with AI-powered HR Tools and identify the best candidates for the selected position. Along with saving the HR personnel’s time, these tools also find the perfect match for the skill set required.
  • Enhanced Employee Experience: Personalize onboarding experience for the newly-appointed employees through AI tools like chatbots that can virtually engage with them, provide answers to their FAQs, and provide basic training. This also helps make the new hire feel comfortable and confident in the new environment.
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Collect and analyze large volumes of information related to employee performance and engagement, along with the organization’s turnover in just a few minutes. This data can be used to make appropriate decisions related to Human Resources, recruitment, training requirements, and succession planning.
  • Predictive Analytics: Predict the future of your workforce like a lag in skill gaps in the near future and the development of the workforce with the data collected. This can help retain valuable employees, expand their job roles, as well as hire new and necessary talent on time.
  • Bias Reduction: Eliminate unconscious biases in the recruitment process with technology that gauges a candidate based purely on their skills, experience, and compatibility for the job. Not only does this help acquire suitable talent but also gives leverage to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.
  • Employee Well-Being: Address essential parameters like an employee’s well-being with data that tracks their work hours, workload, and quality of work. This enables reduction of overworked employees in the organization and maintains balance and harmony within teams, and also indicates the true potential and value of an individual employee.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Reduce manual work like data entry, maintaining paperwork, and other administrative tasks that would be time consuming with the power of AI, making room for new processes and additional work being completed.
  • Scalability: Scale up recruitment and HR management with quick and accurate HR processes that are effective and efficient.
  • Competitive Advantage: Attract top talent, improve employee satisfaction, and make informed decisions backed by data analysis through AI, all of which significantly improves productivity and outcomes for the organization.
10 Best AI Tools For HR

Whether you wish to save time and costs, scale up your productivity, create HR processes that are agile and people-centric, or keep up with market trends to ensure enhanced outcomes for the organization, AI tools in HR provide the ultimate solutions. Choosing these tools in your work processes is a strategy more than a choice to keep up with the evolving innovations of the digital age.

Here are the top 10 AI tools you should consider to enhance your work processes:

1. Leena AI

A ChatGPT of Human Resources, Leena AI is a platform that can be used via chat to find solutions to HR-related problems. With a user-friendly interface, it is capable of tasks like knowledge management, answering policy-related questions, generating relevant documents, managing employee tickets, and so much more. Two of its most powerful solutions are KnowledgeGPT and WorkLM. The tools within the platform cater to several niches including HR, Sales, Legal, Finance, and Operations and Supply Chain. It has been designed to cater to areas like cost optimization, knowledge management, employee management, tech support automation, and HR service delivery.

It can be integrated with 20+ other platforms including SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle, Workday, Microsoft Office 365, and ADP and is widely used in large companies like Sony, Samsung, Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, P&G, Puma, and Nestle.

2. Fetcher

In 2016, a mobile app called Caliber was designed to connect people to professionals they would not have access to. The app received a tremendous response and also threw light on the need for a an automated sourcing that is also personalized to address the large volumes of connects. This paved the way to an all-in-one tech platform that provided quick and effective solutions for HR management—Fetcher.

Their product largely focuses on addressing factors like Sourcing, Diversity, Engagement, Analytics, and Integrations. Fetcher’s recruiting software ensures fast and suitable sourcing that connects you to a fresh pool of talent who are interested, suitable for the job, and have diverse talents. It helps achieve a higher and faster rate of response by filtering candidates who are interested and open to work. It also gives access to full recruiting analysis, support and guidance from their team of experts, and ease of access through Chrome extensions.

3. Zia by Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is a cloud-based ATS and CRM designed to provide 360° solutions to HR personnel, staffing agencies, and contingency recruiters. From sourcing top talents across the globe and screening resumes to developing work processes and engaging with the candidates, the platform makes the work of a HR professional easy and efficient.

Zia is Zoho’s AI Companion that aids users to manage the CRM through a chat-based model, similar to ChatGPT. One of the most unique features of this AI tool is that you can talk to it and you can choose to read the answer or have it dictated to you. It is designed to take notes, predict sales, detect anomalies in sales trends, improve email communication, and provide competitor alerts. With an updated database, it helps reduce redundancy and increases the overall performance of work.

4. Pymetrics

Pymetrics is an AI tool that creatively implements gamification to assess a candidate and make hiring simpler. Backed by neurosciences, Pymetrics collects behavioral data from how a candidate plays the games and gauges their soft skills, which takes recruitment a step beyond assessment through resumes, cover letters, and portfolios.

The assessment is done via a set of 12 games that judge a candidate based on over 90 traits including decision making, focus, learning, emotion, effort, numerical and logical reasoning, and risk tolerance. The entire assessment takes about 25 minutes to complete. Using Pymetrics eliminates biases and enhances diversity within the organization. The games are an indirect approach to understanding a candidate, so it reduces the chances of a candidate giving answers that seem relevant but instead gives an insight into their real traits.

The platform is useful in talent acquisition, workforce transformation, mobility and reskilling, and learning and development. Pymetrics is used by some of the leading organizations of the world including Accenture, Tesla, KPMG, Unilever Group, and LinkedIn.

5. Skillate

An advanced decision-making recruitment engine, Skillate is an AI tool that helps make hiring easy, simple, transparent, quick, and efficient. The AI-powered technology enables intelligent hiring through automated solutions like the JD Assistant, Candidate Database, Pre-screening Chatbots, Interview Scheduling Bots, and Personalized Post-Offer Engagement Campaigns.

Its automated AI-powered Matching Engine ensures you never miss out on a quality candidate. The Chatbot Screening simplifies reviewing the resumes and transforms passive profiles into active candidates. The Resume Parser is another tool that simplifies resume screening as it uses Deep Learning to extract information from even the most complex resumes. The Auto Interview Scheduler automates scheduling and rescheduling interviews without disturbing the existing interviews. Write clear and precise JDs with the JD Assistant and attract the right candidates. The Dashboard showcases the data in a user-friendly and organized manner where you can analyse and view the analytics.

Skillate can be integrated with other platforms easily including Workday, Taleo, SAP SuccessFactors, and SmartRecruiters. Businesses like Sopra Steria, Mahindra, L&T, and other multinational brands use Skillate for their HR Processes.

With the advent of technology, there are AI Tools galore and depending on the structure if your organization, HR processes, and requirements, you can choose a suitable one. While these are just five of our top picks of AI Tools for HR, there are several other equally great ones available like TurboHire, HireVue, Entelo, Textio, SmartRecruiters, Aveture, and more. Make sure to look at all the features, limitations, and compatibilities of an AI Tool before investing in one for your organization.