Top 5 HR Trends to Watch Out For in 2022


As we enter Q1 for the year 2022, uncertainties are still on the rise with new COVID-19 variants and other viruses continuing to prolong the pandemic. Throughout 2020 and 2021, industries have learned to adapt to the need of the hour and make the most for our businesses. In the year 2022, however, the focus of emerging HR trends is shifting from fast-paced adaptations to effective transformations, which have a high probability of providing efficient solutions.

 Here is a glimpse into what the top HR trends for 2022 are likely to look like.

Collaborative work processes

With the onset of the lockdowns and restrictions brought about by the pandemic, remote working is a solution that all organizations almost instantly adapted to. Analytics have shown that 77% of the employees working from home have shown an increased rate of productivity. Additionally, several businesses find this a cost-effective option and are looking at continuing the WFH culture.
This calls for one of the latest HR trends—a collaborative workflow design where employees and teams can work with other employees and teams across the organization easily. The collaborations can be implemented through the use of appropriate digital platforms, cross-functioning amongst teams, rotation of employees within teams and more.

Metaverse in HR

If you have ever wondered, “What trends will shape HR in the next 5 years?”, the answer has to be Metaverse! The network has taken the internet by storm even before its launch and there is no doubt over its colossal magnitude. Metaverse will give you the best of both worlds—being at the office through virtual reality while actually working from the comfort of your home. From beating trivial issues like Zoom fatigues to providing top-end technological project management solutions and enhanced teamwork, Metaverse will add a whole new dimension to workforce as it is going to be a deeper dive into systematic analytics and data assembly that will completely redefine work as we know it. Despite the skepticism on Metaverse as one of the most revolutionary and significant future HR trends, its impact is going to be enormous on HR in 2022.

Marketplaces for Talents

Several organizations have downsized teams drastically as an effective cost-cutting strategy. Businesses may find it expensive to look for external talents or hire new employees. Talent marketplaces are one of the HR emerging trends that have a high probability of being successful. A talent marketplace is an internal assessment platform where job openings, assignments, interdepartmental projects, and other requirements are posted and interested and suitable employees can apply to take up the task. This system allows employees to showcase their skills and improve their earning potential, while the organization benefits from the diverse skills and enhanced employee retention rate. This strategy may already be passively in use as the HR team could identify suitable employees for the tasks, but with a talent marketplace in operation, the strategy will prove to be more aggressive, systematic and efficient.

DEI and B!

The era of remote working cast light on the importance of diversity and inclusion as working from home has given access to people beyond geographical boundaries. With HRM recent trends switching from adaptation to transformation, the diverse work culture, too, has upgraded to the next level—Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging. Having a diverse and inclusive team requires the application of equity, where all individuals are treated fair and impartially, without much difference in the end results. Despite having the three principles in place, employee retention could be affected. To ensure employees are retained, it is important to provide a sense of belonging, which is one of the essential HR future trends of 2022. When an employee feels he/she belongs to the company, they sense a feeling of safety and satisfaction, which in turn allows them to develop an attachment to the organization and improve their productivity.

Planning for Multiple Possibilities

Looking back at the previous years, it is evident that certain phenomena are unpredictable and no amount of precarious and tiresome planning can prove to be useful. The responsibility falls on the Human Resources team to provide instantaneous and timely solutions. Planning for multiple futures is therefore one of the most essential HR trends post covid, which can save an organization from its downfall.
With all the learnings from 2020 and 2021, it is evident that human resources is shifting towards depending on technology and its advancements. These top 5 HR trends and priorities for 2022 prepare organizations for reduced risks and better success rates. This is a great era for innovations in the niche, as businesses are rapidly inventing modern strategies to overcome the evolving challenges.